At Katahdin Cabins, we have strived to enact a progressive environmental consciousness and reduce our carbon footprint whenever possible. We are committed to the health and future of both our guests and our planet. Some of the steps we have taken to be "Green" are:

  • We have adopted a water conservation policy for guest room laundry (guest bedding and towels are changed every third day of stay unless requested otherwise).
  • We have installed tankless hot water heaters and 1.6gpm, aerated showerheads to reduce both water and energy usage.
  • We have upgraded all toilets to 1.6 gallons per flush models.
  • We recycle plastic, glass, aluminum, paper, and cardboard throughout the property.
  • We use compact flourescent light bulbs in guest rooms whenever and wherever possible.
  • We use timer and sensor-activated lights in the parking lot and on our grounds to minimize light pollution and allow our guests to experience the incredible beauty of our North Woods night sky.
  • We have adopted "green" office policies - reuse paper, print on both sides, and recycle printer cartridges among other practices.
  • We grow herbs, berries, and flowers on site for use in food and rooms.
  • We compost kitchen waste and use finished compost on lawns and gardens.

We encourage our guests to take part and help us in our endeavors whenever they would like and to feel free to talk to us about adopting their own "green" policy in their homes and businesses. Together our small steps can make a big difference!